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Who doesn't love water & ice?

When we think about a hot summer day or even bbq we need many things to enjoy the day with family & friends. One of those things is water to get the house ready, cleaning dishes, mopping floors, watering the grass & quenching our thirst from all that hard work. Have you ever grabbed a class of water from your faucet, or filter on your fridge, or even that water jug in your fridge that has a mini filter in it. Heck you may have it for your whole house. The sad thing is I remember when I was a kid and I just drank the water straight from the tap. The same water we used to clean our house getting ready for our family & friends to come over. Now, we are not so lucky and water is a pretty big business today. What's even more crazy is not all water is made the same. When you think about just drinking it, but you also need that ice and what water was used to make that ice...? So, when you are thinking about what you are ingesting do some research on what is that best water for you.

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